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5 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

If you have your property listed across various platforms that feature homes for sale in Sneads Ferry NC but are having a difficult time selling right away, then you are not alone. Selling a home is not an easy task by any means. However, you probably fall into one of the common scenarios when people are not selling quickly. Below, the real estate experts at Homes by Kelli have prepared us with 5 reasons that your home isn’t selling.

1. The Price is Too High

The most common reason that your home isn’t selling is that your price is too high. Remember that this is the first thing people are looking at. There are almost always people ready to view your listing and jump on an offer if your price is right. The idea is to find a nice balance between the listing price and the overall quality of your home and amenities. Keep in mind that potential buyers will also see your listing price as negotiable. 

2. Bad Photos Aren’t Getting Attention

Many times, the first glimpses of your property will be online and from the pictures. If you used an old camera with poor image quality or didn’t spend enough time preparing your home to take quality pictures, this might be why you aren’t getting enough attention on your property.

3. Listing at a Bad Time

People interested in buying property tend to buy in the late spring and throughout the summer months of the year. If you have had your home listed throughout the entire winter months to no avail, then you might be getting some good news when the weather gets warmer. For whatever reason, people tend to shop for homes in the warmer months.

4. Poor Aesthetics & Maintenance

If your home has maintenance issues, needs a new paint job, and so on, then you will naturally run into problems selling your home. Typically, homes that need some work are seen as expensive extra investments and can make the buyer expect discounts and cheaper sales rates. If you don’t have a price to reflect the work that needs to be done, or the buyer simply doesn’t want to do work on a home, you might find yourself on the market for a while.

5. Location

If you list among the other homes for sale in Sneads Ferry NC but are a little off the beaten path, then you can often run into longer listing times. People buying homes want to be close to their work, gym, school, church, and other favorite amenities. If your home requires long commutes and driving times for even basic things like a grocery store, you will naturally have problems selling your home.

Looking for Assistance Selling Your NC Home?

Whether you want to buy or sell homes for sale in Sneads Ferry NC or other parts of North Carolina, Homes by Kelli is a great platform for helping you do so quickly. Get in touch with us today and you can receive free professional photography, a listing on our website, and the assistance you deserve while coordinating showings and negotiating prices.