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How To Learn Core Values – Do You Need Them?

Something that has really helped me develop the entire direction of my businesses is having a solid set of core values. You’d be surprised at how many gyms don’t actually have these, and it may be because it seems like something that’s old fashioned, or maybe because they don’t quite have a staff yet and don’t think about it or make it a priority. I think that every business needs to have a set of core values, especially when they’re first starting out.

core values

Let’s Define Core Values:

It’s a set of values that helps guide your decision-making process. These are things that you and your company believe in. Core values help you decide on whether or not you or your staff should do something. You can look at it as a compass. When something comes up, and you don’t know the answer, you can refer back to your core values. This will tell you whether or not you’re making the right decision.

Core values are not something that you should just create, put on a poster and hang up. Core values are things that we circle back to and keep top of mind in every single weekly meeting with our team. When we first hire someone, we go over these core values in our employee handbook. We talk about this the day they come on board because it sets the tone and expectations for the employee. If their values don’t align with ours, we know it’s not a good fit.

core values

When I first started Pulse Fitness, I came up with about 7 on my own. But these can absolutely change. As time passes, your team grows, people come in and out, different thoughts and opinions shift through the business, we revisit and change them as necessary.

So, What Core Values Should You Have In Your Business?

Well, it depends on your personal values and beliefs. I want to share with you what our core values are at Pulse Fitness and why we have them. If you don’t already have core values for your company, feel free to use these as an example, or even use them as is in your business and run with it.

Trust In Teamwork.

The way our model is set-up is that we’re a team. We’re so much of a team here that we won’t hire someone unless they meet everyone on our team first. Because we work so tightly with each other, we want to make sure that the person is a good fit. Now, it also goes with our business model. Every client can train with any coach. Because we’re a team here, no one client belongs to one coach. Everyone on the team brings different qualities to the table, but they work together as a strong team.

Do Whatever It Takes

That statement is intentionally broad. If that means staying late, do it. If that means walking someone to their car because it’s dark out, do it. If that means running out in the middle of the day to get toilet paper? Do it. Nothing is “his job” “her job” or “not my job”.  You do whatever it takes to get the job done and it’s part of our culture here. We each have our responsibilities and our roles, and someone may get tied up in a task and needs support, and you just support them. I want my team to work together as a team.

Delight The Client

Without our clients, we have a huge room of equipment and nothing to do. I want everyone to make sure the clients are “delighted” and do whatever it takes to make them feel that way. If that means greeting them by name, or knowing what shake they’re going to have and having it ready for them when they get done. This is a service-based business, and a delighted client is what’s going to keep you going. The ability to overdeliver is what’s going to bring your business to new heights. When you come into my gym, you know that our goal is to consistently serve and create a genuine, and welcoming atmosphere – you just can’t miss that it’s an expectation for everyone on my team, but you also know it’s genuine.

core values

Be Appreciative And Humble.

The first reason this one is on the board is that there are a lot of people that don’t have a job or are doing something they don’t love. We should be appreciative that we have a job, and we’re able to do something we love, and we get to help people along the way. We’re not above anyone else. We’re humble in the fact that we’re educated and understand the body in the ways that our clients don’t understand. I don’t want someone on my team that is ego-driving. Humility is absolutely crucial to serving clients.

Be A Professional

Unfortunately, in fitness, we have a bad reputation for being unprofessional. There’s a lot of things that have tarnished the marketing for fitness industry’s perception. Being a professional should be presented in how you dress, the cleanliness of the facility, how you speak to the clients, how you train. It should be seen from every aspect of the business.

Do The Right Thing

Again, another intentionally broad one. If you’re a small business, you can’t screw people over or you’re going to be out of business very quickly.

Continuously Learn And Always Evolve

We just talked about this in one of our recent blog posts. If we’re not learning and continuing to stay ahead of science, then we’re no better than YouTube. We need to constantly be evolving in order to serve our clients better.

Be A Leader

I want leaders on the team, not just doers. Not in a way that we have too many cooks in the kitchen, but they should be able to lead at their level. The coaches are the expert, the professional, they have to lead the training session. If we let the clients lead the session, what are we doing for them?

Be Awesome!

This came from one of our coaches years ago. This is another very broad one that makes the client experience great. Being awesome can be just about anything. High fives, encouragement, greeting people by name. Just be awesome!

Bring Your Best Every Day

This is probably one of the hardest ones we have to follow. But you need to make it a point to separate your home life from your work life. Some of our coaches just do an amazing job at this. They’re opening the doors at 4:45 and they’re on FIRE! This one can’t be missed when you’re a service-based business. You have to put your client experience at the forefront of your priorities if you want to outlast your competitors.

Have Fun And A Sense Of Humor.

We’re over here making being professional a priority, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. It’s about making that one hour that you’re with that client the best hour of their day. It’s about making the 8 hours that you’re with your team, enjoyable. It’s a culture, a family, and a community. If this was a burden to do every day, it wouldn’t be all of those things.

Core values are the only way you’re able to control your client experience. Your client experience is what’s going to dictate your longevity in business. Core values also help you make your tough decisions. They may cost the business money at the time of the decision making, but when you follow your core values, they will benefit the business long term. These are what define the type of business you are. People do business with people they like. Take a look at your business, would you do business with you based on your core values? Most people would say yes because self-reflection is one of the hardest things for us to do. But if you really look at your business from the outside in, would you actually do business with you?

If you need a second set of eyes on your business to see how you can serve your clients and your community better for the long run, book a breakthrough call with me today. Let me help you design a foundation that’s built to grow.

Essential SEO Practices To Really Get Your Product Moving

Basic SEO Optimisation is often a fundamental portion of any marketing strategy and for your prospects to gain access to your site you will need to ensure it ranks highly among major search engines like yahoo. But what criteria do search engines employ which usually website ranks highly- and how can you build your internet site in a manner that allures more traffic?

When it comes to any internet marketing plan, investing in the basics gets you more traction in presence online than finding cash for the “fancy stuff”. While some complex and effective Los Angeles SEO strategies can involve site restructuring and using advanced tools, there are several easy steps you will take to enhance your sites visibility.

Monitor your internet site

los angeles seo

los angeles seo

You will not discover how effective your web marketing strategy is unless you monitor your Los Angeles SEO standings. A good way to get these details are to keep an eye on your pagerank using tools for example Google Toolbar. You’d also look at your referrer log once in a while to follow where your internet site visitors are via and the exact search terms they’re using to discover your website.


It will sound overrated but keywords include the backbone of effective Los Angeles SEO. Proper placement is important so consider aspects like titles, content, image names, URLs etc. Keywords are essentially search terms and people rely on them to find relevant information, services. Your title tag and page header should contain the main keyword in order to guide visitors to your site.

But bear in mind Google along with other search engines like google use advanced filters to discount spammers so use keywords sparingly lest you discover your site labeled as spam for keyword-stuffing.

Internal links

It’s a basic and essential portion of Internet Search Engine Optimization Company and it is a relatively simple approach to boost traffic aimed at your web. Ensure you link time for your archives once you generate new content and then try to result in the anchor-text search-friendly. Site visitors will access a certain page when their search queries examine the information therein so check backlink choices to find out how well your website is placed.

As with all other effective SEO approach, put the linking low so your visitors don’t get annoyed.

Check site URL

Use clear keywords when naming your site to ensure that users know what to prepare for from that. A fancy and dynamic URL puts off virtually all website visitors which lowers the rankings. A free SEO check could reveal a lot of flaws in your system which a skilled online marketer could possibly fix.

Image descriptions

You can use spiders to go looking text although not the writing inside your images. For this reason you should result in the words connected with your images as descriptive as you possibly can of course, if possible add an “ALT” tag so you can use a keyword-rich description. Visible text around your images can be used SEO purposes if you add captions for the images it will be more potent.


Content needs to be fresh and relevant. The best ranked websites always contain up-to-date useful information in regards to a specific topic, product or service. One of the ways site owners use content because of their benefit is as simple as integrating a blog. When the president or CEO starts blogging about products or services, it gets everyone’s attention which is even more a good way of reaching in the market to clients and making brand new ones.

Social websites

Your blog is just one component of a larger marketing campaign although it holds real value to a website, it should be combined with other components of SEO to get better results. Your website needs to have a profile on all major social networking platforms to be able to reach a larger audience. Whether your product or service is shown on your social networking account, recommended by users or tweeted with a happy customer, this strategy gets people talking and moves your product or service.

Here are some vital marketing strategy for fitness, that will help you win more business in 2020 and beyond.

The essential purpose of foundational Los Angeles SEO may be to “game” the search engines like yahoo but the long-term purpose is to create a  great and seamless user experience the location where the website communicates with the various search engines and recommends it to users who search for related content.

Engines like google are looking for four main factors:

  • Content
  • Performance
  • Authority
  • User experience

Check SEO online

You might consider contacting a contractor for the free SEO Los Angeles check and also have them analyze your web site to formulate a highly effective Los Angeles SEO campaign.


Why WP Is The Best CMS For SEO

While being powerful, WordPress is a free content management system (CMS). It is a fine resource for creating truly impressive business websites.

WordPress was first used in 2003 and has come a long way since its inception. As of current, WordPress development services and WordPress web developer India from Us are in high demand. Over 32% of all websites over the internet are powered by WordPress.

There is a tough competition across the CMS domain, but the presence of WordPress stays undeterred. It continues to grow with time.


One of the key advantages associated with WordPress is its versatility. It can be used for creating just about any kind of SEO website – blog, online mall, or fintech websites. WordPress creates impressive websites that make a connection with end customers and bring success for your business.

WordPress is easy to install, which makes things simpler for a WordPress web developer. Simple to use dashboard enables a range of functionalities over WordPress, such as creating pages, posts, categories, and themes. This makes WordPress easy to use. The platform is free which adds to its cost-effectiveness.

WordPress is also preferred by WordPress website developer because it is easy to make responsive WordPress websites. This expands your reach to a majority of customers who access websites over their smartphones. Similarly, it is convenient to create media-rich websites over WordPress because the drag-and-drop system makes it easier to embed components. Numerous catchy and domain-specific themes are easy to access and use. A web developer is also empowered to use a range of plugins for customization. The plugins add the desired functionality to a website free of cost, in many cases.

WooCommerce is a plugin for eCommerce and an important advantage for WordPress websites. WooCommerce is feature-packed and gives total control to developers and store owners.

While a variety of top-class websites can be created over WordPress, it is the smartest tool for blogging, and top functionalities for blogging, such as categories, widgets, plugins, and tags are available.

A range of user-friendly tools ensures that coding requirements in WordPress are minimal. WordPress is also a self-hosted platform. This implies that a developer can host a WordPress website with any hosting provider, and use a custom domain name as well.

One of the prime advantages of WordPress is its SEO friendliness. WordPress also makes additional controls available to customize SEO components over each page and makes social media integration a breeze. We are a professional WordPress website developer India stands to deliver the best results for your WordPress website.


About our Los Angeles SEO Services

We offer a variety of online marketing packages suited for different types of websites. Since every website is unique, our clients discuss their plans and goals with us, and then we customize an business seo services package for our clients’ Seach Engine Optimization needs suited for your specific site. The number 1 technique that we use to rank your website in the major search engines is by using organic SEO. This involves working on your site (on-site optimization) and off your site (off-site optimization).

On-site SEO: Your site’s architecture and layout play an important role in how it will rank. Our SEO experts will study your site’s design and make recommendations as to what needs to be done to make your site more search engine friendly. We will make sure that your content is presented to the search engines in a logical way, and organized in a way that search engines can understand. Our SEO experts in los angeles seo service  will ensure that your site has the appropriate elements that makes a site successfully rank in the search engines. This includes the use of textual links, the use of the proper tags that comply with with W3C standards, and keyword research, and using the corret number of keywords in each page. There are many more unique strategies that we use for on-site SEO services.

los angeles seo service

los angeles seo service

Below is a summary:

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Title and Description Meta Tags Optimization
  • Creation of Keyword Rich Content
  • Proper Inner Linking within Website
  • SiteMap and Webmaster Tools
  • Analytics Program to Track Progress
  • Domain Name Research

Off-site SEO: Includes local search marketing (geared towards your local community), nationwide SEO, and worldwide SEO. Link building, social media marketing, fitness marketing strategies, blog creation, submission of site to directories, article marketing, links from sites with similar content are some techniques that an seo expert in seo consultant services Los Angeles will utilize to help your site rank higher in the search engines.

Below is a summary:

  • Link Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Relevant Content from/to Similar Sites
  • Directory Submissions
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Article Writing and Marketing

We also offer PPC campaign management and success measurement services, as well as reputation management services. Contact us today to have an seo company in los angeles help you grow your business. We offer unique SEO services for small business plans. We serve the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.


Everything You Should Know about Elementor SEO

Elementor is a leading WordPress website builder, with powerful features that you can’t ignore. With this WordPress website developer, you don’t need to arrange a team of experts. You can start building the website easily using Elementor page builder, which provides you a complete solution to create an effective WordPress website.

Elementor WordPress website builder has got many exciting and interesting features like, drag and down editor, more than hundred designers made templates and much more, to know all the features of Elementor WordPress Builder.


More than 5,000,000 professionals are happily enjoying the Elementor WordPress page builder, and you can build anything with a powerful WordPress builder. Elementor also offers you the educational tutorials on how to use Elementor. Like other WordPress plugins, you can easily install the Elementor WordPress builder.

Elementor WP page builder can be installed through two simple methods, and you can directly install it through Elementor or through the WordPress dashboard. You can convert anything into reality using the powerful Elementor WordPress builder.

You can start building your WordPress website using an Elementor builder, as it is easy to use and offer intuitive features. Elementor editor can be accessed from the WordPress dashboard’s left side, and you can open the editor by clicking – Edit with Elementor while creating a new page or post.

Then you will find drag and drop features and attractive widgets to customize your WebPages. You can start building the WordPress website using basic features and slowly move to your WordPress website developer advanced features. You can comfortably select style, fonts, and colors in the Elementor editor to provide an interesting look to your website.

Elementor WordPress builder also offers you the – ‘Revisions History’ option, and you can locate and change all the actions done in the past using ‘Actions Tab’. The WordPress builder is way ahead than its competitors, and you can quickly start creating interactive webpage without the knowledge of coding skills.

The WordPress website developer offers you to develop a free website using the open-source You can easily manage the CMS panel using the features like plugin architecture and a template system. You can also get the Elementor Pro version for accessing advanced features to take your website to new heights.

We offers you all the required services to build an engaging WordPress website and provide you maintenance and hosting solutions.

SEO San Jose Keyword Research

The key to successful SEO San Jose lies in researching the keywords which will deliver the best results both in the short and long term for your business. Without it, a website search engine optimization campaign would be forced to rely on guesswork and assumptions with no idea on where competition and opportunities exist.

SEO San Jose

SEO San Jose

These types of campaigns typically fail in one of two ways; the first being that selected keywords are either too general and/or competitive to get high rankings on the search engines. The second type of failure results from the selection of keywords which are either too specific or are not used by people as search terms. In both cases, the results are untargeted traffic arriving in low numbers.

SEO San Jose uses a wide variety of resources and tools to conduct research based SEO campaigns using keywords with relatively light competition combined with solid traffic numbers. Using research to determine the keywords which are being used to search for the products and services being offered by your business can reveal the terms which can be optimized quickly to drive targeted traffic to your site. The kinds of visitors which typically arrive at your site as a result research based SEO stay on your site longer and make purchases at a much higher rate than untargeted visitors. Keyword research can also define long-tail keywords which may be neglected by your competition but can also deliver targeted traffic with a higher likelihood for conversion.

Don’t rely on guesswork to define one of the critical factors in determining the success of your SEO efforts. San Jose SEO proven keyword research techniques can deliver cost-effective SEO results which can drive high-conversion, targeted traffic to your website.


SEO Services In San Jose

When it comes to business deals, trust is the vital key for the existence in the industry. SEO Company refers to Trust Online which means Trust is the fuel for our company. When you talk about the qualitative approach to ethical Search Engine Optimization techniques, Best SEO Company comes your way. Researching with search engine basics and working for numerous small and medium scale industries for 5 years, we gained the excellence to stay ahead in the SEO race. Our goal is not only to stand top in the crowd but also to help you get high conversion rates.

” Business skill + SEO Expert + Chetan Sureja = Traffic + More Conversion Rate “

If you have a website for your business, you can’t ignore SEO. You stumbled upon here for many reasons, but the main objective is to choose a company who can increase ranking as well as traffic to your website and popularize your products/services. Yes, you are at the right company. Don’t waste your time finding an SEO consultant to market your website. There are several new companies, who offer SEO services and promise to bring top ranking in a short span. Be aware of such companies because ethical SEO take some time and blackhat SEO takes a very less time. As a result of blackhat technique, search engines ban your website which it will be very expensive for you. By hiring San Jose SEO Expert and opting for an afforadable SEO Plan, you can easily achieve your desired result naturally and for a long time.

Day by day, search engines undergo certain changes in their algorithm to narrow the search results according to the user’s requirement. Hence, there is everything new in every now and then. SEO simultaneously revives its optimization strategy with the search engines and whether if you are familiar with SEO or new to online business, there is always something new to learn at SEO. Think about one thing, as you reached our website from a source, likewise people who are searching for your products or services, will definitely reach your website. There are many new medium along-with traditional SEO strategies to make your website popular among thousands of your niche websites.

Being on the top of search results is not enough to build your business, your products/services need to be branded and popular in both the local and global market. The Local market refers to a particular geographical location whereas Global market means marketing through worldwide. The advantage of SEO is that, it is situated at New Jersey which will be easier to rank top at a Local market in the US. Making a product or services popular online usually takes a longer time, but if you can make use of Social Media Marketing, you can make a great impression about your products or services in the mind of the people. SMM or Social Media Marketing which means to advertise your product/services over Social media networks. The same process is applied for your website, it is known as Social Media Optimization. A social network is a vast network where several thousands of people are joining each day and discuss their interests. The social network is amazingly powerful, when we say or discuss about a product, it will spread across all the social networks both by sharing news or by word of mouth (viral marketing). Truan’s unique techniques of driving traffic through social network make your website branded and reputed worldwide.

We are trustful to deliver, you the best results and conversion rates which in turn can give you better ROI (Return On Investment). We strongly recommend that you go through our customer references rather than anything else. Before subscribing a product or service from your website, a user may check for your website reviews online, if you have a bad review, undoubtedly he will switch to another website. So you should keep an eye on your reputation. SEO strictly focuses on complete marketing solutions along with San Jose SEO Services.

Our Complete Marketing Solutions Include:

  • Off-page optimization
  • On-page optimization
  • Technical issue fixing
  • Social media optimization
  • Reputation management
  • Online branding

We understand the value of your trust and “SEO” team gives more than 100 percent to live up to your expectation

los angeles seo service

How can you best optimize an website?

At an auction website, the price of the products and services are determined by the winning bid. Bidders have a choice at placing the bid within a certain timeframe. The person who sets the highest bid within a time frame is the winner.

Why create website from scratch

A range of advantages come in with creating a custom auction website from the scratch. Such online auction sites are personalized in the finest of ways to meet client requirements.

Instead, if one chooses to work upon a readymade, open-source website, extending the functionality is going to be difficult. Since numerous coders have worked over such a website, knowing the source code is going to be difficult. One may have to write the source code from the scratch to extend the functionality unless it is well explained. Similarly, the efficiency and scalability of the prevailing source codes may be an issue. Customization may become time-consuming.


Identifying the users:

  • Buyers: Buyers will buy a consignment or items at the auction by bidding.
  • Sellers: Sellers will sell a lot or items at auctions
  • Admin (Owner): Owner of the website who offers the platform for auction mechanism, and gets a commission from Seller and fees from Buyers.

Designing an auction website

Logo design

Color combinations

Designing the logo is an important part to consider when you build auction website. Logos of auction websites are relatively simpler as compared to other websites. The focus is frequently upon the name of the website, rather than the icon. This makes the website more memorable for the users. The text is presented in memorable fonts, typographies, and color palettes. This is frequently defined by the domain of operation for a website.

Designers frequently try and ensure that the logos are not created using loud color combinations. Innovative and lively color palettes that are soothing on the eyes deliver the best outcomes in this regard and attract more customers to your website. This makes a website come by as reliable.

Competitor analysis defines logo design

Ideally, logos for an auction website should be designed after conducting a close competitor analysis, and considering other online auction sites, because logos are often meant to attract a default customer profile. Such innovative logos are best placed to deliver the best outcomes for your requirements when you auction portal development.

Website front design

Easy to navigate

When one considers how to set up an auction website, the website front end design is one of the key factors to look at. The front page design should be intuitive and easy to understand and use for someone using the website for the first time. CTA should be placed at locations where they are easy to find for any user. Similarly, a viewer should be able to comfortably navigate through the website and get to the auction page.

User friendly

If one has any queries regarding the website, he should be able to easily access the resolutions over the website. The relevant labels should be easy to locate and click on. Such small pieces of information make a site more attractive for the end-user. With great auction portal development, the site comes by as reliable.

It is then a nice idea to place self-explanatory images, designs, and videos over the websites with relevant content, and windows that appear by hovering over the buttons. This should be done while keeping the overall design simple, neat, and attractive.

Mobile compatible and responsive

With a vast majority of customer interactions taking place over mobile devices, it is important to pay heed to the responsiveness of your website during auction website development. All elements of website design should meet the best practices for a responsive design. This will let the websites deliver a prime performance irrespective of the screen size or device used to access them. Your consumers can access and use the websites on the go, over their mobile devices.

Bidding stream for online auction

The bidding stream for an online auction should be in the format of video streaming, which lets an online user see the real-time auction.

Buyer Section

A buyer should be able to access in-depth information regarding his browsing history. He may choose to bid for similar products again. This makes the bidding website attractive from his viewpoint.

Upcoming auctions

Similarly, a buyer should also be able to view the upcoming auctions. The focus should lie over the auctions that are most likely to capture a buyer’s interest.

Payment history

When a buyer sees his payment history, the website comes by as reliable. The options should hence be enabled with a single click.

Purchased lot shipping status and tracking

Purchased lot shipping status and tracking information let a buyer be sure about his orders. In the event of a delay, he would be sure about where his order is currently located, and that the processes for shipping have started. This section should mention a stipulated date of delivery.

Seller section

A seller should be able to easily submit the lot he wants to sell to a website. Similarly, the information pertaining to payment history and the status of the lot – how many items are sold and how many remain unsold should be visible at a single click.

Admin section

Defining the admin section well is one of the most important tenets of how to make a bidding website. An admin should be able to manage or edit the entire content of the website, create new sections or delete sections based upon his requirements.

Similarly, an admin should be able to manage auctions, lot details, and also the buyer and seller sections through a dedicated CMS section. Another section that an admin should be able to manage is the invoices and payment sections. He can then rework any discrepancies that may occur.

An admin should be easily able to check a buyer’s bidding history and a seller’s selling history. He can deliver relevant offers and personalized services for both categories. He should be able to alter the entire settings of a website.

The auction website CMS should also generate relevant reports for an admin, which are in a highly understandable and a well-illustrated format. This helps with planning out strategies, overcoming loopholes, and making business-critical decisions.

When you consider how to online auction website development, having an in-house team do it for you is one of the options at your disposal. We are a professional software development firm, with specialization over how to create your own custom auction website.

Important financial information stored at your website stays secured when we create an auction website from the scratch for you. We come up with high performing, fast-loading, SEO friendly, aesthetic, responsive, and reliable websites for you, customized in the finest of ways to meet your requirements.

The cost to build an auction website is no longer a matter of concern with our services. We make our best in the class services available across domains at the best prices in the industry.