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Blast Off! Launch Expands Summer Camps Throughout Austin with Scholarships Available!

We’ve been hard at working developing new and exciting camps and curriculum since our inaugural coding games for kids summer programs in 2018! For summer 2019, we’re thrilled to offer new project-based camps at four locations throughout Austin, including:

In our quest to make computer science education for kids more accessible than ever before, we are excited to announce that our coding and technology camps are available not only at Launch’s main location in Westlake, but at partner institutions throughout Austin! New locations include Upward Bound Montessori School (Round Rock area), Concordia High School (Pflugerville area), and Headwaters School (Downtown).

coding games for kids

We understand getting there is only half the battle, as not all families may have the funds to invest in an educational camp for their children. This is why Launch is offering two merit-based scholarships to celebrate and encourage diversity in STEM fields! The Girls in Tech Scholarship is available for girls ages 7-14, while the Future Leaders Scholarship is open to members of underrepresented minority groups ages 7-14.

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This is what Zoha Omar, recipient of The Girls in Tech Scholarship, had to say about her award and time at Launch.

“I was both happy and excited at winning the Girls in Tech scholarship from Launch Code. It gave me a chance to learn how much fun coding can be. I love going to my classes each week.” Omar

Applications are open now, and winners are announced quarterly. Get the details and apply at

Launch Code After School is an Austin-based STEM education startup founded by a team passionate about providing a coding education to today’s kids so that they’re ready to be tomorrow’s leaders. Classes are available weekdays and Saturdays for ages 7-14 to learn and build in a collaborative, self-paced environment with more intensive project-based camps available over winter and summer break.

It just takes two minutes to fill out our Request More Information form. Upon completion, we will send you our Coding School Franchise Kit, and an Executive Director of Franchise Development will contact you to set up an introductory call.

MIT App Inventor: Objectives, Design, and Development

We are excited to introduce MIT App Inventor to the curriculum at Launch Code After School! With this new curriculum your child will learn how to build and develop fully functional Android apps that can be published on the app store. Having such skill can help your child build a foundation for confidence in today’s technologically advanced world! Your child will learn programming skills as well as the fundamentals of data and security that lay the foundation for acquiring advanced, full stack developer skills.

From design to testing, our students will learn the basics of mobile app building and then some! Just to list a few, your kids will learn how to…

  • Create their own functioning app with interactive features to use on an Android phone.
  • Create interactive games, and learn about databases and data security
  • Make a pet-sitter app, with several interactive screens and elements that keep score and track your progress.
  • Create an app that can read and write data to a real database!

It just takes two minutes to fill out our Request More Information form. Upon completion, we will send you our Kids Coding Franchise Kit, and an Executive Director of Franchise Development will contact you to set up an introductory call.

Aside from development, the new curriculum teaches students to be aware of the role that data plays in their lives, and how to keep important data and information safe. They will learn about databases and security, while gaining experience using data management skills that real app developers use! With emphasis in cyber safety and security, we discuss how to prevent hacking attacks by explaining the reasons for protections such as password requirements, two-factor authentication and encryption. By the end of the program, our students will not only be able to create their own app, but will also be able to protect their creations and themselves.

MIT App Inventor lessons are available now for current weekly students, with a 2019 Summer Coding Camp focusing on the coding for kids subject available for booking today!

How To Start Website Development For Your Business?

Custom web development and web design is a commonly known concept on the Internet, but not everyone fully understands that in itself includes the concept of website design.

Custom web development and web design site includes many concepts and technologies that are currently used on the Internet. For example, by slang of webmasters it is necessary to duplicate or redesign some kind of existing web site that is obsolete – it was created on the basis of HTML 3.02 or earlier. To date, use minimal HTML4.01 or XHTML. Therefore, in order to Calgary website development or a redesign site, it will be necessary first of all:

Determine the Target Audience

Identify the main colors and styles that will best reflect the internet site for this category of visitors.

custom web development

When designing a website, namely designing a website, it is necessary to take into account that the total weight of the page of the Internet site should not exceed 100 KB. This will allow faster access to web pages, regardless of the type of connection to the Internet network of each user (modem connection, ADSL, dedicated line).

When designing web site designers, the designer or website developer should also take into account the functional purpose of the web site and how it should be integrated into the site management system. For example, a simple  representative website, a website, a content management system, a forum  or an online store, an online directory,  have completely different target areas, and the smaller the graphic part of the web design will be for such sites – the better.

Therefore, the designer (developer) should pay more attention to not the drawings in this case, but the styles of the website, the so-called CSS. This will enable web developers who will further integrate the conceptual design of the site into the web-based system of “unleashing hands”.

The so-called “trimming” of the templates of conceptual web design should also be made qualitatively and should meet all the modern Internet standards. Yes, a web site must display well and well in all known browsers in the same way. It is desirable that the cutting of site design templates was not tabular but block (div splitting), the width of the page should be dynamic (rubber design) and vary depending on the different types and types of user monitors.

Navigation of the website and the developed structure of the site should be simple and understandable to the user. This will allow you to easily navigate the user on the site and not to be confused when searching for the necessary information. When designing a web site (structure of a site, design), a specific type and type of navigation is taken into account, as well as the place where the web site navigation will be, the content of the site (filling the web site with information) or animations ( flash design , flash animation), insertion of web graphics.

Therefore, if the emphasis should be not on artistic design, it is more accurate to not exaggerate with the drawings and on the functional purpose and use of the site system – the focus is not on the number of web design, but on the overall functionality of the site management system. On the Internet there is a concept of web templates, ready-made design patterns.

Site templates can be used if the client does not have the obligatory uniqueness of web design, but the important functionality of the web site. In this case, the price of custom web development decreases; of course color and taste are the client’s desire. Using the basic templates of the finished web solutions allows you to save. For the cost of web design, and devote more resources to web programming. Example: e-shop (online store, internet catalog), forum, news feed, etc. When designing online stores, they mostly use standard web templates. Web design in an online store mainly uses the logo and title (the main element of web design, which reflects the entire essence of the online store from one glance).

All the rest is standardized – and you do not need to give it too much attention. Though – it is on the taste of the client. If a customer wants to make a unique e-shop for web design and web technology, web programming is his right.

Now more about web site design. In computer technology, web design is different from artistic design. Designer can work as a ready-made element and develop it himself. Share a raster (web design) and vector design (graphic design) .In the first case, the designer works with photos – in the second of virtual elements – vector lines and colors. Although it’s difficult to function partially to split raster and vector design into web design, but raster design is predominantly used on web sites, and vector or graphic design is in printing. How are they different? Raster design cannot be extended to infinity – the photo loses quality.

Therefore, for raster printing on paper (flyers, business cards, brochures, calendars, brochures, etc.), the raster design was appropriate, except when a photo specially produces high resolution of 300 or more DPI. Vector drawings are drawings written by the Postscript code, which transmits to the system with which they work, or print, a picture of the encoding of this drawing and does not lose the quality of display and printing. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

For web design, in most cases, photographs are used – they look more realistic and do not require large resolution. When designing web sites, they are not viewed on posters, but on monitor screens – where the resolution is 72 pixels per inch.

When designing a web designer, the designer may use certain programs at his own discretion. The most popular and advanced are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Xara. 3D-MAX is used for 3D design.

Web Design Includes:

  • web graphics
  • banners
  • icons
  • menu

If you need to find out more about the main parameters of the custom web development order, use our form to order web design. If you have any questions, please contact us.