Is your renting period over yet your new home is not ready?  Are you renovating your home and you don’t know where to keep your items temporarily?

In such cases, self storage units can come in handy. These are services that provide you with a storage space with your own lock and key. You have full access to your unit any time of the day.

There are many other reasons you may need such services, apart from the ones mentioned above. For instance, instead of disposing the items of your deceased loved ones; get a space to keep them. That way, you can access them any time you desire.

The problem however comes when choosing the right units. There are so many options it becomes hard to decide on one. So let’s get right into it. Consider the following factors when choosing facilities for self storage Sunnyvale.


Why do you really want this storage space? How long do you need it for and how accessible is it? Before anything, you must have a reason to want a self storage unit.

self storage Sunnyvale

Perhaps your goods are climate sensitive, or valuable. In such cases, you need to consider a place that is safe enough for them.


Customer service is a very important factor. Try asking questions and consider how they are answered. It may seem simple, but a very important consideration. And make no mistake; you need to know how good the services are. The aim is to find out if you are keeping your items with the right people.


No one would bring their household items to a self storage facility clean, only to come back and find them all dusty. Consider a place that has squeaky clean spaces. Do your due diligences and inspect the units thoroughly. Do not be in a hurry to get the job done with.


Do you enjoy having pests around? We don’t think so. There is always come sort of creepiness they come with. Therefore, ensure the facility is pest free. Ask the management how many times they seek services from pest control companies. You don’t want your precious items destroyed.


This is the most important things to consider. You need peace of mind knowing everything you have stored is safe from any form of harm. Therefore, consider the security of the facility you have chosen. Find out from other customers how their experience has been like. Things like lighting and CCTV facilities should be evident.


Can you access your items any time you want? Is the facility near enough? If so, then that is the right self storage near you service to go for. They will give you an exclusively personal locker for easy access.


You may not need to rent to more than one space. One storage unit that is large enough to hold your items should be better. It will save you on the cost and access time.

They could be other factors we have left out. But the ones mentioned above are the most basic. Consider them.