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Fitness Owners, Letterman’s Top Ten Reasons NOT to use Digital Marketing Fitness

Social Media Marketing IS the wave of the future for every business and especially for a health and fitness business. It’s cheaper and more effective than direct mail; it is current and timely and allows you to brand your business as being the fitness expert in your area. As seen on T.V….

Health and fitness facilities pride themselves on using the latest and greatest techniques for training and health but when it comes to social media it seems like it is just too much heavy lifting!  As a former fitness club owner myself I pride myself on being digital marketing fitness savvy and so I have put together my official list of the reasons for not engaging with health club customers and prospects via social media.

David Letterman will be so proud, and so here goes my list of Top 10 reasons not to use social media for marketing:

digital marketing fitness

10. Social media is just a passing fad
9. Social media is a kid thing.
8. None of my customers are using social media or those network things.
7. Why would I want to know what you had for breakfast?
6. Twitter twits tweets. How you take something that sounds like bird seed as a serious fitness marketing tactic?
5. I don’t have the time, I already wear too many hats and I hate technology.
4. No way to determine profitability.
3. Our health club brand & my reputation could get blown up.
2. People who use social networks or those blog things just want to rant about things they know nothing about.
1. Social media will take too much time and we really don’t trust that we will be able to learn how to use it right anyway.

I’m sure you can tell by now that not a single one of these reasons/excuses are true!  But if you can hear yourself or your trainers in any of these, it’s time to give yourself a serious talking to.

I am a huge fan of digital marketing fitness, although I can understand that it feels like the deep end of the swimming pool for lots of businesses. Health and fitness facilities are in the social media sweet spot and here’s why:

If done correctly, social media enables your customers to tell you what they like and what they don’t like so they feel invested in you and your health club and the end result is an engaged prospect who now feels genuinely empowered to provide even MORE feedback, emboldened by the knowledge that their comments actually impact (and can improve) the end product.

Finally social media is positioned to take your marketing from a one-way, blanketing, bullhorn approach to a more intimate, just-in-time interaction; offering the opportunity for a more detailed, valuable and more PROFITABLE conversation and connection with your customers.

Think of social media like this: it is an electronic version of introducing that prospect who just walked through your door to you, your personality, your interest in THEM and your willingness to listen. That’s what marketing is really all about.