What is the best pellet smoker?

The best wood smoker could be the Bradley BTIS1 outdoor Wood Pellet Smoker. It is another device to cook the variety of food items in an easy and tasteful manner. There are a lot of features that make it marvelous and a fantastic product. Bradley BTIS1 outdoor food smoker is a 4-rack food smoker which has automatic food cooking functions and has a corrosion proof steel interior body. It comes with cooking essentials of 500 watt and smoking essentials of 125 watt. The temperature goes up to 320oF. You will find a convenient thermometer placed at the door. You also get 60 packets of Bradley five flavor variety, four weather proofing racks, 48 packs of each Bradley Hickory Wood Pellet Smoker bisquettes and apple bisquettes each, different types of smoke bisquettes, secrets of barbeque and other spicy food items etc.

Versatile Features of the Bradley BTIS1 Outdoor Smoker:

Another marvellous feature of this Wood Pellet Smoker is that it has high capacity for power and it can run without any interruption up to 8 hours non-stop. You can use it to cook any part of the meat including chicken, beef, mutton, pork etc. The use of this wood smoker is also very easy and it can be started and operated without any hassle and problem. In other smokers beside this, you would not have so much ease and taste. A person has to refill the fuel and monitor the temperature so often that his hard work would demolish the fun and taste of the food. One important thing with this smoker is that one has to check the water pan after three hours for any dryness. You should take out the oil and ash into the pan and the pan should be cleaned after every three hours.

Tasty Food in Less Time and with Ease:

This Bradley smoker takes half as little time to cook your favourite foods and it can be run on any type of wood. Along with this smoker, you also receive a very good book for smoked barbecue recipes. This cookbook is really fantastic and one can have a very tasty food you have ever tasted. The wood pellets can be fed automatically with ease.

Possible Problem with the Bradley BTIS1 Outdoor Smoker:

The only drawback with this smoker is that it doesn’t produce a smoke ring as other smokers can. However; with the absence of this ring, no compromise happens as far as flavour or taste is concerned.


In conclusion, the Bradley BTIS1 outdoor Wood Pellet Smoker is one of the best wood smokers to smoke the best burgers, briskets, ribs, steaks, fish, veggies, and chicken shish kabobs you’ve ever had. Learn more about this high quality smoker.