corporate massage melbourne

The Benefits of Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage Melbourne is a very simple and effective way of reducing stress and restoring balance back into your working environment.

Some of the benefits of Corporate Massage include;

corporate massage melbourne

Benefits of Corporate Massage for the Employee

  • Reduction of sore muscles, headaches & stress due to physically sitting at the desk for long periods,as well as the release of day to day emotional stresses of home and work life.
  • Lowers blood pressure & tension, increasing overall well being & positive mood.
  • Increase creativity & productivity, further reducing employees stress.
  • Increases greater health awareness amongst staff, encouraging them to take a more proactive role in their health and wellbeing.
  • Employees feel valued, which helps to improve mental and emotional states.
  • Basically regular corporate massage melbourne keeps your employees motivated and focussed.

Benefits of Corporate Massage For the Employer

  • Creates a more positive environment & increases Staff morale.
  • Increased energy levels, creativity, productivity and greater co-operation between the workforce, customers & management, assisting the business to be more efficient.
  • Reduces incidence of sick leave. Corporate Massage reduces the effects of fatigue, mental slugginess and anxiety, subsequently decreasing the amount of sick leave
  • Reduces Staff turnover. An employee knows their wellbeing at work is being taken serious, so feels more valued and is less likely to seek alternative employment with industry competitors.
  • Reduced incidences of RSI due to the physical benefits of massage
  • Reduced workers compensation claims due to the physical benefits of massage. This in itself can save a company huge amounts of money & lost productivity.

So as you can see, the benefits of workplace massage with Corporate massage melbourne are immense, as we work with you, you are guaranteed to see some of the benefits above and probably some more. Do let us have your feedback and we can add it to our site.