How to Choose the Right Seating When You Buy Concert Tickets

A big part of getting the best tickets to concerts and games is finding the right seats. Buying concert tickets for a center row near the front of the stage will definitely make for a memorable experience. Many different types of venues have unique seating arrangements, which can make the task of picking the best spot require a little homework.

Research the venue – Many arenas have different layouts depending on the artist, team, or event. The xlcentertickets.info seating at Staples Center won’t be the same for the Taylor Swift concert a few weeks later. You’ll want to do your homework and figure out what seats will be named, because that can change too. Some venues have designations of letters and numbers for their seating, so check out the chart before you buy event tickets for “L4M27” only to find out it’s in the nosebleed section.



Decide where you want to sit – Or stand, depending on the event. If you’re headed to a rock show and you want to get wild, then buy concert tickets for floor seats or general admission. When you’re going to the game, many seating charts offer a great idea of what the view will be like, so you can plan accordingly and even get ready to catch a stray baseball.


Buy All at Once – If you are planning to go to a show with friends, then it’s a good idea to buy your event tickets at one time. Designate one person to do the purchasing so you can all sit near each other, because there’s nothing like enjoying an amazing show in the best part of a famous venue with your closest friends.

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Buy The Wiggles Concert Tickets

The Wiggles performance was everything we had predicted. The Wiggles concert was in fact better than we expected. Unluckily… our 18-month-old son did not enjoy the Wiggles concert as much as we did. I actually think my wife and I are to blame for this. We let our son get out of his routine… he ended up with no nap and barely ate all day before the Wiggles concert. And although we had great seats, we ended up directly under the speaker system. It was loud and for the 1st half of the Wiggles concert we had to take him up higher in the arena. He was content to lie in our arms and watch the Wiggles concert from there and for the last half of the concert he had familiar enough that we returned to our seats again. He did have numerous bouts of giggling on the way home which I hope were unforgettable memories of the concert.

The Wiggles concert started about 10-15 minutes late as expected. We were sitting in the ‘Hot Potato’ section… floor level, 8 rows back and a little to the left of center. (1st show) The show was a tad over 60 minutes long with no break. As mentioned before, the Wiggles concert was very loud on the floor; at least to us because we were right under the speakers. The show opened with ‘Rock-a-Bye Your Bear’ and finished with the “Wiggly Medley’. Approximately all of the songs will be recognizable from the show although there were numerous that I have never heard before such as ‘Central Park New York’. The standard favorites such as ‘Play your Guitar with Murray’, ‘Hot Potato’ and ‘Fruit Salad’ and many more were there.

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The Wiggles concert was very high-energy and their interaction with the viewers is great. All of them except for Greg ended up in the crowd at least once. In the crowd there are ample of picture opportunities. Jeff was all over the place. Some of the Denver Song Playlist are Overture, Rockabye Your Bear, Do the Monkey, Point Your Fingers, Lights, Camera, Action, Play Your Guitar, Rolling down the Sandhills, We’re the Cowboys, The Ballet, Rosy Tea, (Cuppa, Cuppa), Where’s Jeff, Shake Your Hips, Central Park NY, Quack Quack Intro, Chirpy, Chirpy, Wiggly Party, Fruit Salad, Hot Potato, Medley

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