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Relocatable Homes with Many Locations to Choose From

Relocatable homes are all across Australia, they offer a great option for older people that want to downsize but still want to maintain their independence. There are Tourist parks with a mixture of tourist sites and residential sites, or there are parks referred to as Residential Parks that are purely dictated to relocatable homes.

The benefits of living in a relocatable home are that these homes typically have less ongoing maintenance costs, a safe park environment with a nice sense of community.

Relocatable homes are all over Australia and there are many residential parks to choose from. Let’s look at the options.

There are Relocatable homes in QLD and in Queensland, one popular choice for retirees is the Fraser Coast, a peaceful quiet region. There are many Relocatable homes for sale in QLD on the Fraser Coast, one park that has many relocatable homes is Hazelmere Village, an Over 50’s residential park.

The key features of the park is a large community pool for swimming and relaxing. There is also a recreational hall which caters for many events such as themed night dinners, dancing, indoor bowls, craft sessions, Tai Chi and BBQ’s.

There are other Relocatable homes for sale all across QLD in places such as the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Capricorn Coast, and Far North Queensland. If you are looking for Relocatable homes in QLD there are plenty to choose from.

If you prefer relocatable homes in NSW then one of the popular locations is Tweed Heads on the North Coast of NSW only a couple hours from the Gold Coast. One park on the Tweed River – Tweed Shores by Gateway Lifestyle has been established for many years. The park is an Over 50’s park and operates with a land lease model.


The land lease model works by purchasing a house, however, renting the land that the house sits on. It provides a way of buying an affordable retirement option. The advantages of purchasing through this model are

  • No stamp duty when you purchase
  • No council rates
  • No entry or exit fees like in a retirement village
  • Eligible for rent assistance

Just like Tweed Shores many of the Relocatable homes in NSW are located on the coastline which creates a beautiful atmosphere for retirees.

If you are from Melbourne or prefer a cooler state then you may be interested in Relocatable in Victoria. One town where you will find many relocatable homes is Geelong. The port town is located on Corio Bay around 75 kilometers from Melbourne. One park popular park is Pelican Shores Estate. The park is a waterfront lifestyle village and just like the Tweed Shores, this park operates on a land lease model.

There is also a shared equity facility available to residents. This facility allows you to pay 80% – 99.99% of the house price. If you buy 90% then you will own 90% of the home. This allows residents to free up the equity in their home for spending or invent as you wish.

There are many relocatable homes in Victoria and some other towns to check out are Echuca, Ballarat and even close by Geelong – Ocean Grove.

When looking for relocatable homes to purchase you may be wondering what is their price range, relocatable homes can range from $100,000 for the second-hand relocatable homes

to $300,000 for the brand new high standard relocatable homes.

The majority of Residential Parks will have existing second-hand relocatable homes and these homes are comfortable and can be an affordable downsizing option for a retiring couple or single.  Retirement is meant to be enjoyed and if you are living in the city your home will have a high value. Moving to a quiet coastal town and finding an affordable relocatable home can free up plenty of cash for enjoying retirement. Enjoyable activities such as going to nice restaurants and taking overseas holidays.

Julian Rembrandt has spent the last 10 years in the hotel industry across Australia and Asia. With Australia’s aging population there are many retirements available. Relocatable homes are a great affordable option, Julian helps to educate people on the best ways to purchase their own relocatable home. Julian Rembrandt owns and operates Holidaylife.com.au, a listing site for Relocatable Homes for Sale.

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