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Reasons to buy organic cotton clothing for your children

Organic Cotton Baby Clothes Sale – what do you know about it and is it important? Cotton is a resource that is widely used in fashion, but the vast majority of the cotton that goes into clothing is grown with large amounts of pesticides that damage the environment and compromise the quality and safety of the clothing made. Organic cotton is grown and harvested with ‘unconventional’ techniques intended to minimise the environmental impact, as well as the impact on humans. And the quality and comfort level is undoubtedly superior too, helping to keep your children’s skin healthy and far better at withstanding the wear and tear a child’s babygrows will inevitably have to endure.

Organic cotton clothing protects the environment

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, while normal cotton is covered in large amounts to limit the work that goes into its production. Approximately 0.33lbs of chemical pesticides go into the amount of cotton required to produce a single t-shirt. Farmers of organic cotton use natural methods to keep away insect threats, such as using natural materials to cover them. This method has also proven to be far better for animals in the environment, as it doesn’t have any of the knock-on effects that pesticides have.


Better human health through organic cotton

An additional benefit of farming cotton without chemical pesticides is that the cotton produced is far less harmful to humans. People who work in non-organic cotton farms are far more likely to suffer respiratory issues from the chemicals. There has even been evidence of toxins in the drinking water of people who live near non-organic cotton farms due to the presence of those chemicals. There can also be exposure to the chemicals from the clothing produced with non-organic cotton, which can cause health issues like weakened immune systems, ADHD, and sometimes even birth defects. It goes without saying that none of us want to expose our children to these risks.

Comfort and quality with organic cotton clothing

There are numerous reports that organic cotton feels more comfortable, and the threads have not been eroded by chemicals from the growing process. Organic cotton clothing will thus be stronger and more durable, which will help save you money in the long term over buying non-organic cotton clothes for your children. Bedsheets, in particular, benefit greatly from organic cotton, because the superior comfort is something very desirable when sleeping – and we all want our little ones to sleep soundly through the night.

Organic Cotton Baby Clothes is safer for people and for the environment, and it is superior in quality and comfort for the wearer. At Tilly & Jasper, we only provide ethically-farmed and produced clothing for children and babies to give you peace of mind that you are protecting those most dear to you, and minimizing your own impact on the environment in the process. Come and browse our range, and experience all the benefits of organic clothing for yourself.


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