business cards calgary

Custom Business Cards

You go visit a customer, you sit before him, and on his desk the business cards Calgary of salespeople who preceded you. All equal in size and form. And you know yours will be added to the pile as soon as you leave. You’ll be just one more option besides the others. What are the chances that the customer will remember you when the need arises?  Where do you think you’ll end up in the pile? Do you think you prospect has time to go sifting through the pile to find “that guy that was here last Thursday” or “that girl with the plain white card with the black lettering”. Let’s be realistic.  Where do you want to end up in the pile?  Will they even be able to find your card if they try?

A new strategy is needed. What you need to do is use custom printed business cards. An outrageous design perhaps! An interesting shape, a creative fold, colors that dazzle! Believe me, this is a serious matter. You don’t want your average card sitting in that pile!  Think about the following:

business cards calgary

  • Print in a material other than cardstock. About 97% of business cards are made of cardstock. The other 3%, that really get the most attention (and often times the sales!) are made from many different materials: plastic, wood, cloth or even Aluminum.
  • Nonstandard size and shape. A normal business card will measure 3.5″ x 2″. Let’s say you own a computer shop. How about making your business cards look like small computers? That alone will make them stand out over the rest and be the first pick for your potential customer.
  • Make them more useful. How about adding a calendar on the back? That way the customer may have your business card with them all time. End up in their pocket 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

So you see there are creative ways in which you can make your business cards stand out.  There are some interesting and fun ways to make your cards stand out however whose utility might be a bit short lived. For example, have you ever seen an edible business card?  Now that’s one creative way to stand out. The problem is of course that once eaten…they don’t exist anymore!

In any case, with  prices for 4over4 (full color business cards for those of you who don’t know the industry jargon) custom business cards as low as they are today, there simply is no excuse for an ordinary and boring design! Take advantage of a good 4over4 online printing firm with great prices, free online proofs and speedy delivery and order yourself some creative full color custom business cards.  Don’t get stuck lost in the pile!