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Parts and Components of a Golf Course

As with other sports, there are different sections and parts of a golf course. Each golf course comes with different challenges that are dependent on the course’s design and layout. Therefore, it’s pertinent to understand the various parts present and their impact on a person’s golfing game.

Below, we’ll be giving in-depth definitions of the various parts present at golf courses near West Chester PA. They include:

Tee Box

A tee is defined as the pin used in setting the golf ball before swinging. A tee is a set-up at the start of every hole. The area of grass present at a tee is called a “tee box.”

Most golf courses give several tee boxes to different golf players depending on their level of expertise. Tee boxes closer to the fairways are reserved mainly for women and novices, with skilled golfers choosing to hit from the “back tees.”


Fairways are the short stretch of grass between the tee box and the green. To become a successful golfer, finding a fairway with drives is vital. Here, the goal is to land the ball. The second shot made from the fairway is relatively more comfortable than that of other areas like the “rough.”

When it comes to swinging from fairways, it’s advised that you use either a Fairwood or Hybrid golf club.


The hole is located in the green. Grass on the green is cut very short to enable the golf ball to roll smoothly.  To effectively master the green, reading its condition is crucial in coming up with a technique that efficiently makes the ball move directly into the hole.

Green changes are dependent on the conditions present in a goal course. The green is one essential part of golf courses near West Chester, PA.


Lakes, ponds, and creeks are areas on a golf course known as hazards. These areas are marked with either red or yellow stakes. If a golf ball gets into a hazard, it can be played.

In scenarios where it can’t be played, a golfer takes a one-stroke penalty and re-hits the ball near the hazard.

Sand traps are one example of a hazard, but a golfer can hit a ball from here without facing any penalty.


These are parts of a golf course that you don’t want your ball landing on. The rough line the fairways and has longer grasses. If your ball lands here, ball hitting becomes unpredictable and much more herculean. When playing on a rough, using golf clubs that are heavy with great loft is advised.


All these parts challenge the way a hole is approached at golf courses near West Chester, PA. Understanding their characteristics and conditions is crucial in determining the right club while planning your shots carefully.